Sumptuous Treats For All
Iceberg Icecreams

Iceberg Ice Creams was started with a dream to touch the common man’s heart with a rainbow of flavours. Iceberg, with the richness of milk-cream and natural flavours, is a daily treat for the persevering ones. The brand, which was started in 2012 by the BMK Group, intends to bring a range of pan and mist recipes for the customers to indulge in, and is the first to introduce Dragon’s Breath desserts in India. The brand represents the taste and feel of today’s world. It is tasty, healthy, nutritious keeping in mind the vision of a healthy lifestyle.


No compromise is made in our selection of the ingredients that go into manufacture of Iceberg ice creams. We have improved manufacturing methods and thorough knowledge of the usage of better quality ingredients, all prepared under strict hygienic conditions. With wide range and top quality ice creams, Iceberg create sumptuous treats for each of our customers. Our widest and unlimited choices for toppings are a main attraction and is what makes our customers come back for more.

  • to relive dear childhood
  • to remind the first touch of taste
  • to grace the union of love
  • to celebrate the first drop of rain
  • to embrace the first sight of scorching summer
  • to welcome the first touch of winter

All those memories still stay fresh and is celebrated with a scoop of ice-cream. At Iceberg, you melt into these flavors and relive each moment.


What is a vegetarian Ice cream? How Is Iceberg considered as one?

We use natural vegetarian and milk compounds to make Iceberg ice creams. It is considered vegetarian as we don’t use any nonveg fats or algae stabilisers. We procure freshest of fresh ingredients from our own farms and farm fed cows.

What inspired you to start an Ice cream company?

Being in a food-loving country like India, we were unable to find the pure and natural ice creams made with the latest technology that was conquering all over the world, even premium brands are also not able to fulfil those requirements. Driven by this technological need Dr Suhas Shetty, CEO of the company explored the world to bring top notch ice creams to India as he himself is a great ice cream lover.

Why did you choose the name Iceberg?

The brand name, Iceberg a depiction of the phrase “we see only the tip when we dig deep, there’s more to it!”. The strength (depth) of an iceberg can well be compared to the depth of process we go through to make our ice creams.

When did Iceberg actually started?

The concept of Iceberg dates back to 2012. It was started as a single store in Bangalore to cater the needs of localities. But the love for ice cream made him, Dr.Suhas Shetty go to the conceptual level and he used his skills to make different mix of compounds, tried and tested different tastes sometimes awesome sometimes awful. Imported machinery from the countries ahead in ice cream business and started the process all over again and now he has his own formula of ice cream and he calls it Iceberg.

How long have you been in business?

BMK group is the parent company which is in different fields of business from past 40yrs, Iceberg the child company, is growing under the guidance of BMK group at a fast pace from 5 years.

What are the different technologies of ice-creams available with Iceberg?

Iceberg always upgrades itself, as of now we are having some of the highly advanced technologies in making ice creams such as PAN, MIST, DRAGON SMOKE, whatever that advances in our field will be present with us, even in the future.

How many flavours do you have?

32 base flavours of Iceberg ice creams are available which includes (fruit based, chocolate based, nutty based, sugar-free, seasonal). These are the base for all cold stone recipes and more than 50 flavours can be recreated by mixing them
Many newer flavours are being added in pan and mist technologies which will be dynamic as per the changing trends.

What makes you create more innovative flavours?

Love for ice cream, we create tasty ice creams for its own sake, the ice cream should be the ice cream that’s it!!! We can go beyond all limits to make it more enjoyable and delicious.

Where can I find nutritional or ingredient information your products?

You can send us an email regarding the requirement to and we will send you all the minute details.

How do I contact someone at Iceberg Ice creams?

You can fill out the form in franchisee section if you are looking for a franchisee opportunity to receive a call from us, or always you can contact us directly with the details provided in the contact section of our website.

As an Icebergian(our customer) you can send us a feedback to our mail provided.

Where can I find the nearest Iceberg store?

You can get the information regarding the stores in Locate us section in the website.

Which technology is new to India?

We conceived idea of PAN ice creams in India. We have been using MIST technologies in the proper suggested international standards, considering that we may be the proper technology introducers in India.

DRAGON SMOKE is a very new concept imported and being executed by Iceberg.

Who is behind Iceberg?

Iceberg is a one-man army. The whole team works with the ideas of Dr Suhas Shetty, who is by profession a doctor. He is addicted to his dream of serving the society,  More than his profession he chose to serve the people with his culinary skills and take them to a “10-minute vacation” from the outer world whenever they visit Iceberg.