• 2Jan
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Icecream Rolls In India

Icecream Rolls In India Icecream Rolls is a  new technology in Icecream Industry.  Originated in  Thailand. It is called Thai Sir fried Icecream… The ice cream rolls are made by pouring pure condensed milk on (-45°C) stainless steel pan. Metal spatulas are  used...

  • 14Aug
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Franchise Openings In India

Thinking about franchise openings in India? Well, we have detailed information regarding different kinds of franchise businesses available in India. India is growing at a very fast pace in terms of the economy. Parallel to that the franchise opening...

  • 17Jul
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Dessert Business in India is Growing, so Invest NOW!

Being the fastest growing economy in the world, India provides many choices for an investor to set up a business. Food and Beverages is one of the flourishing sectors in the country, and the dessert business is on an...

  • 27Jun
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Iceberg Ice Creams – Pathway to Success

Iceberg Ice Creams became the brand of taste in less than a decade, and with new technological updates, Iceberg is hitting all the established Ice cream makers With delightful flavors and widespread choices, Iceberg is scooping every town in...

  • 9May
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Iceberg ice creams to introduce thick shakes and freak shakes

This summer, Iceberg Ice Creams will launch Thick Shakes and Freak Shakes to overwhelm your taste buds. Thick shakes are rich, more textured, super smooth and extra creamy version of regular milkshakes. But in many places in India, regular...

  • 16Mar
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Get trendy with this nutritious, dairy-free black ice cream

Iceberg Ice Creams launches its trendy new flavor featuring Charcoal ice cream. Made of coconut ash, with healthy properties of activated charcoal, this treat is both nutritious and delicious! What’s more, if you’re looking for dairy-free ice cream, Iceberg’s...

  • 23Feb
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Interesting facts about ice creams that’ll blow your mind!

How much do you know about your favourite summer treat? Here are some fun trivia to spike your interest. Check out these delicious trivia about your favourite dessert.  

  • 19Jan
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Now open at goa: eight stores of sweet and serene memories

Goa’s cheerful coasts are now spotted with sweet memories. Welcomed with the warmest hugs, Iceberg Ice Creams have launched six new stores in Goa. The all-natural ice creams make for the perfect end to your day, or the little...