• 28Dec
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Here are 5 health benefits of an iceberg ice cream

Ice creams are your go-to relish for any day. Swing between any number of occasions and emotions, and you have one answer. Your favourite treat, when consumed in moderation, comes with some health benefits. When you splurge on ice...

  • 25Jan
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Ice Creams or Frozen Desserts? Which one would you choose?

Oh! You thought both were the same? Well, no! They both are not the same even though they both taste and look almost the same. Frozen desserts are NOT ice creams and vice versa. Let us enlighten you. First,...

  • 24Sep
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Ice cream solves everything!

Yes, literally! Because ice cream is happiness and having a big scoop of natural ice cream a week can keep your health in check. 1. Hello happiness We all know that ice cream makes us happy and it is...