Choose your flavour, we mix them up with your choice of toppings, chop and fold it all together on frozen galaxy marble stone (-18° C temp) and you are served with hand-made waffle cups.


Choice of smooth and creamy ice cream along with choice of toppings hand mixed live on frozen galaxy marble stone at (-18°C) and served in fresh handmade waffle cone.


What is a cold stone ice cream?

Icy stone is a redone machine, which has cosmic system marble stone on top in which compressor joined to it, the temperature on marble stone will be approx -16°C.
Hence, Cold Stone is beaten from the finest fixings and blended with your decision of treat, organic products or nuts on a solidified rock stone, we gladly serve the best tasting, made-to-order ice cream you’ve ever had.

Why is a galaxy marble stone used?

It is known for holding the temperature constantly, which is the chief among Indian rocks (Granite).

What is the additional flavour we get when mixed on galaxy marble stone?

By blending on system marble stone every one of the fixings, sauces and dessert will be blended altogether and gives much taste of its additional items and delight to mouth.

What are the different sauces available?

We have some 9-12 assortments of sauces, going from butterscotch and chocolate
to blended natural product and nectar.

What are the different flavours available?

We have vast scope of 32 flavours, which is of chocolate based, natural product based, nut based and other customary too.

1. Vanilla
2. Butterscotch
3. Horlicks
4. Cappuccino
5. Vanilla caramel brownie
6. Bubblegum
7. Black forest
8. Gulkhand
9. Chocolate chips
10. Belgium dark chocolate
11. Caribbean chocolate
12. Chocolate hazelnut
13. Walnut chocolate
14. Dry fruit
15. Honey Anjeer
16. Pistachio
17. Malai
18. Caramel nuts
19. Strawberry
20. Milk mango
21. Mixed fruit
22. Lychee
23. Black currant
24. Black grapes
25. Papaya pineapple
26. Kiwi
27. Tender coconut
28. Chickoo
29. Muskmelon
30. Sitaphal
31. Bean vanilla
32. Roasted almond

What are the toppings available?

We have enormous rundown here once more
1. Figs
2. Oreo cookies
3. Dark Chocó chips
4. White Chocó chips
5. Tropical fruits
6. Chocó sticks
7. Cashew nuts
8. Waffle cone
9. Magic pops
10. Brownie
11. Pista
12. Strawberry sticks
13. Dairy milk
14. Kitkat
15. Gems
16. Bounty
17. Snicker
18. Almond flakes
19. Waffle cup
20. Ferrero Rocher
21. Jelly bears

Does cold stone exists in all the stores of Iceberg?

Yes, the vast majority of the stores have the cold stone; on a lot of establishment enquiries and in light of accessibility of various advancements, recently opened small kiosks are without cold stones.