Introducing Dragon’s Breath or Dragon Smoke for the first time in India, a unique dessert which is made with liquid nitrogen. Eat it, and blow rich fog-like gas through your mouth and nose, making you look like a dragon!

SMOKE!!          SMOKE!!!            SMOKE!!!!

What if smoking make you strong and striking? Try our Dragon Smoke and blow rich fog like smoke through your mouth and nostrils. Pose like a dragon, post it on Instagram and see what happens.

Iceberg provides this famous eye catching recipe in India for the first time.

It’s a little smoke with lot of fun!!

It’s an experience rather than a fulfilling dessert.

How We Make

We put crunchy cereal balls.
Pour liquid nitrogen into it.
Patiently wait till the excess liquid nitrogen evaporates.
We feel pleasure to serve you and see you surprise your mates.

How You Eat

Prick the ball with picker
Dip into favourite sauce
Chew with your teeth
Blow smoke through your nostrils and mouth like a dragon

What is Dragon smoke dessert?

It’s a sort of solidified frozen dessert; the colorful dessert is made up of liquid nitrogen coated ice cream cereal ball, through which smoke is breathed out from mouth and nose on eating.

Is liquid nitrogen safe?

In the event that LN2 is added to a fluid, for example, frozen yogurt blends it cools quickly while it vaporizes and creates a billow of vapour, since we are not devouring specifically, then it’s safe to have without a doubt.

Can you eat liquid nitrogen?

No, we shouldn’t eat/drink LN2, since it is to a great degree icy fluid; it is dangerous to drink/eat straightforwardly.

How cold is liquid nitrogen?

It is about -196°C.

What are the ingredients that go into the preparation of dipping balls?

It is simply vegetative item which is set up by utilizing cereals and rice finished with sugars for best taste.

Any additional dipping sauces available for added flavour?

Yes, 3-4 dipping sauces will be accessible on additional expenses.

I want to blow it in front of my friends, can I take it home?

Too bad! Since it is altered formula, it is impractical to take it home.

Is this the first company in India to provide such an interesting dessert?

Yes, we are the pioneers to launch dragon smoke first time in India since 2012.

Who shouldn’t try out this amazing smoky dessert?

It is not confined to specific age group or so, anyone who is an ice cream lover should definitely try this. Rest for small age group, parent’s presence is recommended.

My kid is under 10 years. Can he try it out?

As said, anyone can try this. For Kids, parent’s presence is recommended.

What is the main intention behind? Is it purely for entertainment or a tummy fulfilling snack?

It’s absolutely diversion sustenance; purely entertainment food, it’s a method for healthy smoking.