Ice creams brings together happiness, family, friends, love and a lot more with it.
Iceberg compliments this commonality – to celebrate the moments enjoyed by the common man.
Find an opportunity to get ice cream franchise with Iceberg Ice Creams.
The right team for your project

How much does an Iceberg ice cream franchise cost?

Franchising with Iceberg offers a range of options to choose, starting from the scooping standee to a full-size joint which exclusively provides all the technologies of pan, mist and dragon smoke. The cost of the franchise depends on the selection of the store.

I don't have any knowledge of store building before, how does this work?

The best part of working with Iceberg is everything comes as a package. Just scroll down the options, select one that suits your requirements and leave it to Iceberg crew.

We have a Hands-on expertise of building stores that incorporate our brand personality which is pleasing to our customers.

Our crew includes all the people and the machinery who can recreate Iceberg anywhere identically.

How do I find good locations?

Finding a good location is the most important work that has to be done by you before taking up any franchise.

Few points to be noted in choosing:

  • Location should have a good foot traffic
  • It should have good accessibility and ample car parking space.
  • Proximity to other businesses and services
  • Building infrastructure
  • Demographics of the area

How will the marketing of my store be done?

We have an in-house digital marketing team for the overall marketing of all the franchises of Iceberg.

Social media marketing of each and every store will be taken care of.

Physical marketing plans will be executed in the local areas of the store.

What are the qualifications required to own a franchise?

An enthusiastic, creative individual is a pre-requisite to tackle up our franchise. Having an experience in F&B will add up to the qualification.

We regularly don’t opt for partnership firms to be our franchisees.

What are the steps I must complete to own a franchise?

It starts with an initial contact

Follow up meeting with discussion in detail

Submission of personal and business details by you

Signing of MOU

Site selection

Determine financial outlay for you

Signing franchise agreement.

Do I really have to be involved full time?

Yes. We prefer that having a physical presence in the store will give you a maximum view of the opportunities and the challenges involved. The decision making is majorly influenced by the role you play as an owner of the franchise.

How much money can I make?

Iceberg has a deeper profit margin than it looks from outside. We ensure an approx. 25% profit margin on overall sales revenue.

We can have a detailed discussion about all the ways you can earn with Iceberg in our further follow-ups.

Do you provide financing?

No, as of now we don’t provide finance.

How long does it take to become an Iceberg Ice creams franchise?

Usually, it doesn’t take much time if you are as enthusiastic as we are to make people happy with our delicious treats.

What training and support are available to franchisees?

  • Franchisor will support in setting up the store, advertising, and promotion
  • Plays major role in stock management and ordering techniques
  • Gives regular advice on administration and staff training
  • Gives utmost help in marketing, some minimal marketing will be done by franchisor itself
  • Gives support in selection and regional manager visits will be done accordingly

What are your royalties?

It ranges from 2 to 6%.

What makes Iceberg different?

The answer is almost everything, right from the creative concept, the unique technology, the real natural flavours, the overwhelming taste, the energetic brand personality and the dynamic nature of Iceberg itself that makes it different from others.