Frozen cream in less than 3 minutes! Pick your favourite toppings, we mix them with your favourite flavour by using molecular gastronomy technique. It sound a bit unusual, but possible at Iceberg in less than 3 minutes.

Mist Ice Cream Recipe

Iceberg calls liquid nitrogen ice creams as Mist ice creams. Our Mist ice creams are faster fresher and fun.


Forget about the frozen ice creams that sit for too long in the freezers. At Iceberg we handcraft the ice cream faster. The ice cream of your choice is made in 3 minutes right in front of your eyes. We use Liquid nitrogen to create smooth and creamy texture and is totally unique in the ice cream world.

The idea behind using liquid nitrogen takes us back to chemistry labs in school. It has a temperature of -196°C and has rapid freezing properties. We use it to make the freshest and creamiest ice cream as it freezes the milk particles to stay very small which gives us a smooth, dense and creamy texture.

With all the fresh and fine bases, flavours and toppings you get a fresh ice cream locked with all the nutrients because of its quick-freezing time.

The pure fun hides in the process of making it.
Icebergists are skillful in feeding liquid nitrogen into the fresh bases and flavours, which forms beautiful clouds of nitrogen fog which evaporates in seconds leaving behind better dessert sooner in your mouth.
The whole process is safe, fun, entertaining and exciting creating an unforgettable memory and an awesome ice cream.

What is Mist Ice cream?

It’s an inventive innovation in making a dessert, by utilizing liquid nitrogen which is, -196°C. It’s a live procedure of changing over milk and other garnish from crude (raw) form to frozen yogurt (ice cream) in front of the customer.

How is this different from regular ice creams?

Utilizing Liquid Nitrogen in making these frozen ice cream itself is an unique way of preparation of this ice cream; we get finely partitioned particles of fat globules in ice cream, which are smooth and gives creamy taste.

What is liquid nitrogen?

LN2 is nitrogen in a fluid state at a greatly low temperatures, it is a dull clear liquid.

Is it safe to have?

In the event that LN2 is added to a fluid, for example, frozen yogurt blends it cools quickly while it vaporizes and creates a billow of vapour, since we are not devouring specifically, then it’s safe to have without a doubt.

How is this made in 3 minutes? What is the formula?

Premix is blended with full cream milk and stirred with required measure of LN2.
Iceberg’s formula lies in the mystery premix which gives creamier taste to it.

Is Iceberg first in India to provide this technology?

Yes, we are the pioneers to launch Mist Ice Cream technology first time in India since 2012.